About Ozerof

Welcome to the official website of OZEROF jewelry company

My name is Anastasia Ozerova, and I am pleased to tell you about one of our activities - distribution and production of pendants and souvenirs made of premium quality amber.

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Our competitive advantages


For several years we have been wholesale suppliers of amber pendants for souvenir shops of St. Petersburg and Moscow. Guests of my hometown - St. Petersburg – have probably noticed how many items from amber are sold in tourist shops.


OZEROF works directly with legal amber processing plants in Kaliningrad. Thanks to our impeccable reputation, our partners provide us with finished products and amber workpieces of the highest quality. And since our purchase volume is quite large, we get amber at low prices and, therefore, please our customers with beneficial offers. I personally visit the production facilities in Kaliningrad on a regular basis to monitor the quality of the product.

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We have already gained a perfect reputation in the Russian market, now we are entering the Asian market.

Deliver the high-end product to all our customers, clients and partners – this is the main rule of OZEROF brand.


We know how to create unique gifts from amber: our team of jewelers has developed various jewelry findings designs for pendants made of this magic gem. Since we buy gold in bulk, our prices will pleasantly surprise you. We can also create pieces of jewelry of any complexity according to your order. I will personally control the whole production process.

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We want our company name to be the synonym of excellent quality in Asia, as well as it is now in Russia. That’s why we pay attention to every single detail. We’ve developed a premium gift packaging for Amber: it is made of Karelian birch array. This rare tree grows in the northern regions of Central Russia and has unique characteristics. (more info HERE)

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We are open to collaboration with Asian companies. It can be both wholesale deliveries and distribution. We will also be glad to cooperate with organizations that will help us to promote our brand in Asian countries. Please email all questions and offers here: ozerof.ru@gmail.com