OZEROF packaging

We pay attention to every tiny detail, therefore we have designed delightful packaging for OZEROF jewelry pieces.

Wooden boxes made of selected Karelian birch.

Karelian birch is a rather rare kind of birch: in Russia it can be found in Karelia and the Far East.


The wood of this birch has long been valued among the Russian people: there was even a short period of time when taxes were paid with Karelian birch wood. It is almost impossible to grow this kind of birch artificially, which increases its value in the world market. This is the only wood the value of which is measured in kilos, not in cubic meters.

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The uniqueness of this wood lies in its unusual pattern, that looks like marble with rich palette of golden shades. The additional characteristics of Karelian birch are its strength and stiffness: everything that is made of Karelian birch has long durability. Guests of St. Petersburg can find plenty of perfectly preserved items of imperial furniture made of Karelian birch in the Hermitage.


Unique and high-quality materials are the key values of OZEROF brand. We make all our wooden boxes out of selected Karelian birch.

The outer part of the boxes is polished and covered with tinted varnish to emphasize the marble pattern of the wood. At the bottom of the box there is an engraving by OZEROF St. Petersburg Russia.

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The inner part of the boxes is laid with velvet and it has the logo embroidered with gold threads. The color of the fabric can be black, red or burgundy.

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If a product description does not say that the box goes with this product, you can order it separately. See prices and descriptions HERE.

Handmade velvet bags

Some of our collections are packed in velvet bags with logo embroidered with gold threads. The bags are handmade. Not only are they great as a gift packaging, they also serve as an excellent unit for gentle storage.

The bags have an internal lining and strong braid.

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If a product description does not indicate that a velvet bag is included into the price, you can order it separately. See prices and descriptions HERE.