The founders of the OZEROF brand is a dynasty of jewelers, who announced itself loudly in time of Imperial Russia. From the middle of XVIII century till now real artists have been pleasuring their clients with luxury and unique jewelry.

Complete production cycle from the developing of 3D model to the final operation step is realized within the company OZEROF and every step is seriously monitored. Firstly, we’ve always been focusing on preferences of our clients who’s becoming more demanding from year to year.

Uniqueness and expressiveness are made by professional jewelers who emphasize jewelry and semiprecious stones of wonderful beauty. They are harmoniously combined with precious metals. Notably, the prey of bones of the mammoth is taken place in Yakutia and amber mining is in the Kaliningrad Region.

We have everything for the successful work: a team of real artists, modern equipment and, what is most important, clients’ trust. Moreover, the availability of manufacturing capacity allows us to collaborate with both retail and wholesale clients from all over the world.

All the goods of the OZEROF brand are certified. Each decoration has a sealed label with such characteristics as item, sample and type of metals, weight, quantity, characteristics of extra materials. Besides we guarantee the compliance of decoration with all the characteristics on the labels.


Балтийский дизайн
Amber Palace
Fidelis Style
Планета Бриллиантов